Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Soil Test

Here in Utah we have alkaline soil, that is the opposite of acid soil. That means when you are looking at plants make sure they do well in alkaline soil, some like blueberries need acidic soil and will not do well here.

You can have your soil tested to see it's Ph and see what kinds of fertilizer you need to add. Go to the local extension center (at the county courthouse) and they will give you a soil testing kit with instructions, the kit itself is free. Then follow the instructions and send your soil sample along with I think $10.00 (it's on the instructions) to the lab and they will send you an analysis of your soil. It has been a couple years since we did ours but I believe it takes about two weeks to get back.



If you live in another state, check with your country extension service to see about soil testing.


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