Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grow a Garden!

I am not a master gardener nor am I a garden expert, but I have been planting, caring for and preserving the harvest of my garden now for 5 years. I've learned a lot and enjoy learning more and trying new ideas. I feel that a garden, whether large or small is an excellent way to be self-reliant and an important part of any food storage plan. It's also very trendy to be "green" right now, and you can't get any greener than a garden. :)

I plan to keep a record on this blog of this years garden. I will be planting my large row garden, I will be trying some square foot gardening and I will be trying strawberries and landscaping plants in some layered beds I made last year. We have also added chickens to our garden experiment this year and hope to be gathering eggs soon. As I harvest crops I will also blog about how I use and preserve my goods. I welcome any comments, suggestions or questions.

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