Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kristi Moultrie Hone on Square Foot Gardening

"Square Foot Gardening is exactly what I am doing this year. We have a fairly small yard. We just bought our wood to make our 4'x4' boxes. I am going to do two boxes this year with vertical supports at each end so I can grow my vine plants. Next year I may add two more. I also got peat moss, vermiculite and I am going to get a truck load of compost. We are going to dig out a section of lawn and put some sort of barrier between that and our fresh dirt we are putting in. Hopefully that will slow the grass from coming back up in my garden. Some of the bigger plants like squash and pumpkins I am planting in my front yard with my flowers. That way they won't take up all the space in my SFG. For the last 5 years we have planted our tomatoes in the front and they have done really well. I'll try and take pictures as we garden this year.
I also believe you can grow a garden for way less than $700. With all the supplies I have got for the boxes, the vertical supports, the good, rich soil, and my seeds I bought in bulk I will have spent less than $200. And I have enough seeds for probably 3 years. I shouldn't have to spend anything else for a few years. I am now just crossing my fingers that it all goes as planned!" - Kristie Hone

Thanks Kristie for that information on starting a square foot garden!

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